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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time management 2011

2011 will be going a year of improvement. My improvement in what i love to do.

The key is how i manage my time...how i allocate 24 hours on my works...my playful time ( not really ) my office works and on n on.....a week ago i have planned few things and the result is still sucks....sucks all the way....

there gone my plan to learn programming, grammar.....failed to clean up my room daily ...

List things i've done :

Photoshop - Typography ongoing
Playing LOL - emmm....2 games per-day ...now i started to play Sona, to support my team. suka ekk kalau main game...S***
History- Just read from the Archaelogy magazine.

Improvement -None.....not a good start though.


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