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Sunday, December 12, 2010

what is my next step????

I know a lot of people love the work of Thomas Schostok (aka ths), and there is a reason why. His work is grungy and wonderful, so unplanned that every piece is very unique. I love the way he makes what looks like board books will collages. That is such a genius idea, and if you're doing handmade collages, that would be a great surface.

Name (Real or Screename): Thomas Schostok
URL (Blog, Website): www.ths.nu (Portfolio), www.cape-arcona.com (Fonts)
Location (Where are you from?): Essen, Germany

Q: Describe your work in 10 words or less.
A: Trash urban warfare porn dirt style pop.

Q: What do you like to work with (magazines, photographs, vintage)? Be specific!
A: I developed to work on a PC if it comes to collage and art, now. Some time ago, I entirely worked "analog" without a computer. I usually get the material for the collage from things I found. I’m not very fixed about that.

Q: How long have you been creating collages and what made you start?
A: I think I started creating collages 10 years ago. I worked for too long on a computer creating designs and such and searched for a way to get me away from a PC. So I got some sketchbooks and started to glue.

Q: Are you solely an artist, or do you work in another profession?
A: Primary, I’m a graphic designer.

Q: Do you have any formal art training?
A: No.

Q: Explain your favourite techniques.
A: Start to work without thinking about the artwork.

Q: Describe your favourite piece ever created.
A: For me, my favourite pieces are always that kind of artworks that were produced in a very short time. Maybe under some sort of deadline or such. Those things are the best. At the end I’m always surprised about the results.

Q: What other artists do you admire?
A: Cuminthestreets.com

Thanks Thomas!

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