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Sunday, December 5, 2010

COD ( obsessive-compulsive disorder )

Typical symptoms of compulsive hoarding could include any or several of the following:

- Saving broken, irreparable, or useless things
- Buying excessive quantities of goods beyond the amount needed for reasonable
usage (some may compulsively visit every yard or garage sale in the vicinity)
- Purchasing large amounts of useful items and storing them away for future usage, but
never using them
- Retrieving numerous materials from the trash on a regular basis

- Having difficulty discarding anything due to a fear of accidentally throwing out
something important

- Information hoarding, which may involve saving excessive quantities of printed matter
(newspapers, magazines, junk mail, etc.
- Making and keeping extensive lists or records of certain things, even after they are no
longer needed

- Saving large amounts of certain items for possible use by others or for future

By Fred Penzel, Ph.D.

I am not proud to get this title , sadly gosh!..it is difficult to identify which items should be thrown away or not.

However it is not a reason for don't want to change. oww go away my bad behavior!!!

Pack Rat

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